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October 20, 2010 at 2:00pm

LGBT Spirit Day?

Although I respect any suicide/LGBT awareness, I personally agree with what daftbot says:

It’s for the 7 gay kids that killed themselves because of bullying, leaving out the rest of the suicides, guess they don’t get a day

Also, I respect LGBT every day, luckily I live in a country were gay marriage has been legal since many years.


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  2. intomywonderland answered: I think that the point is more about awareness for bullying in general, at least it is from my point of view.
  3. heartnsoul answered: Spirit Day is to stand against bullying and harrassment. Its not JUST for the homosexual people who commited suicide its for everyone.
  4. tomwaitsragingalcoholism answered: That is exactly what I told people when they asked me why I didn’t wear purple today XD
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  6. afrillisdark answered: im sure there are days about that. but its just a big issue RIGHT NOW that needs to be addresed. u know baby steps
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    I agree with Daft Punk, but I wish I lived in a country where gay marriage has been legal for years.
  8. lotiavon answered: I’m not doing it for those PARTICULAR students. But Bullying in general.
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    Word, dawg.
  11. celestialvermin answered: This is a day to protect the rights of gay and lesbians who feel oppressed. No one’s committed suicide because he or she was straight.
  12. lexusbones answered: Let us just respect what we call INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES. right? =D
  13. don-julian answered: The point is the hate aspect of the suicides. To look at solely the suicide aspect is to take it out of context
  14. tylerbgoud answered: agreeddddd
  15. amityvillewhore answered: To Write Love On Her Arms and Love Is The Movement have coordinated a day, February 13th where people write love on their arms for suicide.
  16. rig0r-m0rtis answered: I gotta pimp purple sweatshirt on, hoooooooeee
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    here here. although i’m still rockin my purple shirt today
  18. emmaplausible answered: I wore a rainbow shirt and a purple skirt, and still didn’t feel like I made a difference in the world.
  19. soyzorra answered: I feel the same way! I hate that all this is happening NOW when this problem isn’t new. I do support the day though, everyday.
  20. fishkin answered: this isnt in rememberence, its in the hopes that kids considering suicide will see they have allies
  21. find-peace-within answered: I agree with you . Read my rant on my page, and tell me if you agree with me?
  22. liars answered: hey man, this isn’t really the right thing to post on the Banksy Blog.
  23. hollywok answered: But it’s not just about those 7 - it’s to show anyone who’s ever been bullied for being gay that they aren’t on their own.
  24. aryeo answered: It isn’t about “7 gay kids.” It’s about what those kids represent- people like you who think their lives aren’t worth one day.
  25. summervalentine reblogged this from banksystreetart and added:
    I always feel this way about awareness things and remembrance days. You’re always going to be leaving out somebody...
  26. ihavealotoffeelings answered: No one’s stopping anyone from creating a general suicide awareness day, assuming such a day doesn’t already exist and just isn’t publicized.
  27. tartplum answered: Wow, THE FUCK. The difference is that these gay kids are killing themselves because of homophobia. ~Fuck youuuuu, brb unfollowing.
  28. likealot answered: lucky you
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    Today is not JUST for these 7 kids. If you think that, you are strongly mistaken. Today is to bring awareness to...
  30. wrenawild answered: Yeah, I guess we shouldn’t show any LGBT support. It’s not like today will raise awareness and understanding or anything.
  31. strawrox answered: Like everyone said, there ARE days for suicide awareness. Homophobia is so inherent in our culture, people make up excuses to ignore it.
  32. theneologist answered: I’m all for LGBT equality, and campaign myself. Saying that, they’re not the only ones subject to bullying leading to suicide.
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    Actually to me, I think this day should be to celebrate EVERYONE and ANYONE and support them for being themselves, gay,...
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